Friday, December 11, 2009

Another Great Idea

Okay, for my first entry...How do I start? Dear Blog? lol

On a serious tone, I was thinking to myself, "How do I get these post-hospital feelings out? I dont have insurance and can't afford a shrink! Will anyone understand or get anything from my thoughts and feelings about this accident?"

Then I realized something worthwhile: Though OF COURSE! I want for others to get something out of this accident, I also need to blog just for myself! I am important too, or God would not have spared me like He did. I need to survive it, and that means more than simply getting 100 percent physically well (though I want that more than words, and has been nothing close to simple). I need to learn how to emotionally recover from this near-death experience as well.

We all carry things sometimes that we need to get out and let go of in order to move forward and live a healthy, happy life. I hope and pray that my blog entries help others to be inspired and entertained, and will also assist me in moving forward with a new, more positive outlook on life! It is the first time I've put anything in journal form since my teens..and that was really angsty. This one should be more positive and worth sharing, though I will have my moments of angst too! I really hope I don't disappoint whoever reads, and can get back some of the artistry I used to use as a writer. There are also funny stories from my family at the hospital to share too! does one close a blog? I'll just leave it at that. :)


  1. That was great! I can't wait to read more. =)

  2. Good idea Denise. I know I for one am interested and hope that this is beneficial towards your healing, both physically and emotionally. God Bless Sweetie.

  3. Great idea! Blogs are awesome for this kind of stuff.