Wednesday, January 20, 2010

3 More Accidents at My Intersection!

Just found out today that, well, Ill start with a positive! The teacher's union got together and told my story to each school in Coachella! They are putting a fundraiser together to assist the payment of medical care! Is God here JUST when we need Him? I vote yes, because next month I dont have any income or way to pay.

Okay, on the negative, I was informed that out at the Salton Sea intersection where my T-Bone accident occurred, three more-count them THREE- have happened since 10/30/09. While the light is going in FINALLY, it is extremely confusing to me that they did not race to install one, once I met the "quota" necessary to consider it dangerous. By the way, what # was I? Nine!!!!

So on top of social service dissillusionment: (I get no unemployment (disabled) no disability (but not for longer than a year) no MediCal (I contribute to retirement)...ugh!?

So on top of that, CALTRANS? Dont even get me started.

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