Monday, January 25, 2010

Funny Story from the Hospital Room #1

I wake up out of the drug enduced coma (they had to enduce me, because Id become conscious and scream and writhe, which doesn't do great things for injuries like mine) I finally come out after three days, and wonder why my family is all there. I say to my sister, "Why am I visiting you?" (thinking I'm in Seattle)

So she calmly and collectively explained what had happened to me, without much detail, and I finally understood but...apparently its reasonable to me to think I went in for plastic surgery! And was in a different city!

She points out my face in a mirror, which is broken right down the middle with two teeth protruding, and I question to her "And why did I think THAT would be a good idea?" lol Meaning...I got plastic surgery that made me look like -THAT?!

And at some point, I was cracking my brother up with jokes!? Its usually him cracking me up! He says to me afterward, "Denise you're SO ON right now!" I said "Yeah. On drugs!" Which got another laugh.

By the way, I remember NONE of this. They tell me post-hospital, and I am glad I was filled with THAT attitute and spirit, instead of another kind. It helped them get through it, and helped me process at my own pace.

Am I that positive now? I try to be.

Thanks for reading,


  1. I am listening! Keep on bloggging girl! It's so theraputic! Focus on the positives, and funny things that are happening! It's also a great place to just vent. I have you in my google reader, which i check every day. I subscribe to a bunch of blogs, so as soon as anyone's there in my acct. kind of like reading a personalized newspaper.

    hang in there girl! I am praying for you daily! Do you even remember me? I remember you and your sister at BCS. I remember you or maybe it was your sister had a checking acct, and could buy things at the deli. I was like. WOW. they are so grown up! LOL!

  2. haha...yes my dad got us into having a budget to keep track of things financially which taught us to be very responsible where money went! I loved those sprout turkey sandwiches though. lol thats great! what is your name? Im sure I do remember you..